Each country in the S.E.A. do have something good to offer but maybe to their bad or unserious promotion or we are to lazy to search for them, they are not known to us even to the S.E.Asian metal fans. Phillippines is no exception, ZAMORA and KRATORNAS are among the good and serious band there and that is not all. EBWA or KAMBING also have much more originality and much more interesting. LIKHANG KARIMLAN PROMOTION (LKP) is the home of these 2 bands. I think now is the time to know more about the label, their band and the scene in Philippines. Dive into the mind of Ernand Godslayer, the boss of LKP.

likhang_karimlan_promotion_lg.gif (40193 bytes)

Greetings Ernand. How's life in Laguna ?
[Ernand] Much fine I guess...! It's evening, so its not too humid here. The weather is very accomodating most specially, for an extensive alcohol abusing while toying with some coom.techs. Well, generally life here is very hectic as we're on the first district where too many industrial establishment can be found ! Too much people can be fucking irritating so when my vacation arrives, I would most probably retreat to the Southerenmost part of Laguna to contemplate on simplistic lifestyle.

kambing-demo98.jpg (9823 bytes)First of all, I would like to say congratulation for the released of EBWA & KAMBING demos, both from Laguna which is for me is not an average releases. How the progress (the selling, etc) of this demos so far ?
[Ernand] Thanks for the positive words ! Well, sooner or later the demos will be sold out since both tapes are rather limited to 100 copies only. The response from the critics within South East Asian boundaries were quite surprising na dgreat as well ! On the other side of it, we're ripped of by Just Say Rock Shop in Manila ! This fucking shop closed down without any of their sales sluts trying to reach us. They haven't paid us anything since the first day they consigned some tapes. Fuck them !

How did LKP started and what kind of music LKP interested in ? Is there anyone else managing it beside you ? What does LK means ?
[Ernand] Actually, LKP is more of an experiment. A trial and error of some sort. I knew the guys from EBWA and KAMBING and have supported them on their music and views as soon as they planned to finally record a professional demo, I wasted no time in offering my service to promote their crafts whether in correspondences and financial stuffs too. At this point, it's fucking hard to tell what kind of music would LKP focus on, we're just starting anyway but, I would like to see it cater for other forms of genre outside Metal. Bizarre synth projects. Industrial (which I'm also heavily into!) just as long it's sick , twisted ,perverted, dark and Evil!!! LIKHANG KARIMLAN simply means "dark creations" on our local dialect and I do manage it all by myself but, I do seek some advices from my comrades every once in a while though....

Could you talk more about EBWA & KAMBING demos ? Why did you choose them be under LKP ?
[Ernand] The EBWA and KAMBING, demos has it's world of difference in many fucking ways. I won't ennumerate them all because everyone ean notice them anyway when they visit S.E.A. Metal Force website and listen to the sample tracks of each band! To simplify it all both are playing Black Metal, interpreted with "Eastern feeling". I believe on their credibility of making music and they live according to what they represent.

Is LKP only for Laguna and Philippines bands ? Have LKP made any dsitribution deal with labels outside Philippines ?
[Ernand] Nothing outside Laguna appeals to me at this fucking moment. Naturally, I would say that LKP is limited to Laguna-based bands and I prefer to stay that way. Well, we have not penetrated distros outside S.E.A. region like U.S. and Europe. They seemed to be hesitant in including Asian bands on their fucking list even if it has obvious musical / sales potential! Anyway, Muzik Box Production disperses it in Malaysia and I'm currently talking to a couple of guys in Singapore and Thailand. Indonesia would be next!

Talking about Laguna scene and Philippines scene as a whole, is there any band worth mentioning beside these 2 bands ? What about zines/label/etc ?
[Ernand] During the early 90's, most bands has this delusional problem of being a glitter hard rockers! Some of them has potential to go far while others play utterly boring piece of shit. They spend most of their time playing gigs while hardly producing any demos! Some of this demos are non existent and purely fabrications! So, after several years when there's no active concert organizers left to produce gigs,... where the fuck are these bands now ?7? Zines are always a big fascination to me as they are my sources of info's. Fresh or stale it doesn't matter to me. I also find them more sincere than most of the bands here! Old zines I use to read BLACK APOCALYPSSE, IMPETUS and WAREWOLF: Newer ones would be SYNAPSE and of course ...NECROMANCY!!!

Have you listen to other S.E.A. metal releases ? Can you compare it with your local releases and how do you rate Philippines bands with other S.E.A. and worldwide bands ?
[Ernand] Yes, but mostly I prefer old stuffs from SIL KHANNAZ, AS SAHAR, LANGSUYR, ITNOS, NARSAMUM, CEMETERY, ete.well, when it comes to Metal releases our country is without fucking doubt, are bit left behind. There aren't too many label ( or no label at all! ) here willing to gambleon local Metal bands and fuck! The reasons for this are probably the shits I mentioned a while back! It's common notion that Philippine Metal bands are only active during their first two years. They' II eventually fade away without finding their own sound.

Does the economic affected you and your label ? Is hard to get reply from Philippines bands due to its abnormal postage rates. How can you survived ?
[Ernand] Not much I guess, postage rate here maybe a bit shitty but if you're an u / g fanatic you shouldn't see this as a big burden! Laziness is a curse and it's a waste of time to help bands who do not want to help promote themselves! As for LKP's survival, I have a job that sustains its annoying economic setbacks!

ebwa-demo98.jpg (18411 bytes)Do you have anything to say about todays metal scene compared with 80's and early 90' scene ? Well, the usual stuffs i.e. black metal becoming more accessible with melodic keyboards and female vocals and other that you can think off.
[Ernand] The 80's Metal scene, competence does not outweight the class while today, there's too many fucking bands to listen to and most of them are merely clones! It's true that it's quite good in the sense of diversity if there are more bands but the thing is, a number of bands are born every seconds. The music are often repeated, rehashed and copied for thousands of time now! Labels ( which seems to equal the bands in ratio ) does not help either much worse, they continue to plague the scene with their pathetic promotional lies and bullshit releases. It's a shitty music business cycle I tell you! I've always had this thought that Black Metal would became accessible to the fucking masses anyway, bands who sprouted like mushrooms from nowhere will fade and the ones who provide Black Metal with darkness, mysticism and aggression will the only ones standing atop the mountain of falsehood. It's just a question of time....

Do you noticed that more bands in S.E.A. are trying to be as eastern as they can, talking about their heritage in lyrics, etc, which sometimes look ridiculous ? What do you personally think about this ?
[Ernand] Yes, that won't fucking go unnoticed. Well, for me there's nothing wrong singing about their heritage. Eastern pride as they all say and it has some sense of dark charm behind ! Hell, sure it can be overboard sometime for some bands until they look stupid. Would it be a fucking joke to sing about your Asiatic culture while your music has a very, very obvious influences from BATHORY or ABSU? It's a fucking bullshit! I am not a fucking musician but I do know that if your lyrics are about the east, there must be some kind of oriental feeling that must be felt and heard!

What can we expect from LKP in the near future ?
[Ernand] It's rather hard to say at this point! Plans are carefully drafted now as we speak. I don't to disclose them just yet. There's still uncertainty looming around. I'll keep the fans posted on some news!

If there anything else you want to say, say it now. Thanks for the time spend on this interview.
[Ernand] Thankz for this interview Syukri! Both KAMBING "Visitation East Hangin" and EBWA " Savagery of Bawo" are still available. Each cost s $4. ( South East Asia ) $5. ( world ) well hidden cash only ! support them! Special fuck-off to all bands and labels who've been in the scene forjust a couple of years. You don't know what the aura of the Black Metal cult felt like 7 -9 years ago!!! Die you pathetic fools ha-ha!

Likhang Karimlad Promotions
c/o Ernand Katindig,
281 P. Vallejo St. (West),
Sta. Rosa, Laguna 4026,