I always wanted to interview some black metal hailing from Philippines, just to discuss few thing about their music and their scene. I want to start with Kambing but this band r.i.p. After I got Korihorís demo, I know I should send some questions for Obispo. Beside the band, he also editor for a zine as well as running a label. Itís time to know more about our warbrothers in the Philippines. We start with Korihor...
Interview by Syukri.

Ave Obispo ! KORIHOR was formed in 1998, quite young actually. What do you and other member; Abhor, Santo, Josatan doing before this ? Any band ? I guess you better introduce your present line-up and talk a bit more about how you guys teamed up and form KORIHOR ? Is Santo still with the band ? What's wrong with him anyway ?

Wwwwrrrrroooaaahh!!!! Infernal greetings Syukri!! Abhor and Josatan are playing Metal since 95 with bands like AGNAS, UNDEAD and SERPENTE. This three aforementioned bands plays in your face tormented Brutal Death Metal in the veins of DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MONSTROSITY and SUFFOCATION. Both AGNAS and UNDEAD came up with two original materials, but it has never been recorded due to some conflict with the members. Santo and I, both a long time friend and both a die-hard follower of extreme metal music. We both know how to play the stuff, so we asked the most respected/skillful Metal guitar artist in our homeland to team up with us and form KORIHOR. By that time Abhor is in the band UNDEAD, since Santo and I have the reputation of being the highly respected Metal individuals in our area, Abhor immediately agree and accepted the offer and took with him the kit tormenter, Josatan. Santo take a break from schooling, thus leaving us and getting back to his hometown which is more than 600 km. away. But after several annoying months, he returned and now coping up with us. Heís bloody committed to scream and play guitar on our upcoming material.


"Innocent Deist" is the band's debut demo. It is not too late to introduce and promote this demo for STEEL MADNESS readers, as well as the band's concept.

"Innocent Deist" demo contains four furious, aggressive, holocausted, raw, melodic, Satanic Metal that would set up a legion on the blazing horizon. So far, the response from the underground individuals are mostly positive, despite of its raw production. The clever riffs, intelligent arrangement and unrelenting drums that would dig deeply into your fiend veins is there. Would you agree with me Syukri (Yes ~ Syukri) ? For our concept, we want the listeners to read the lyrics themselves and create their own interpretations, but basically it deals with Abhorís hatred and blasphemy.


Josatan quit the band after a while the band was formed. May I know why ? Now he's back, so is there any chances the songs composed with him earlier like 'Shadow With A Soul', 'Darkest Light, 'Devil's Symphony' will be recorded for KORIHOR's next material ? What are the difference of these songs and the songs in the demo and why not record them for your debut ?

Josatan left due to his job commitments. The 3 songs are unrelenting in drums and its otherwise good, but Abhor was not satisfied with the riffs, its too simple for him. Heís very sensitive for that matter, thus keeping his fingers moving and getting right emotion is what he aims. I always quote him criticizing major acts with very simple riffs. I would take for example the No Fashion Records Norwegian Black Metal artist which is very famous of its highly Satanic image and rapid drum control, Abhor didnít give a damn to respect that hordes.


Now KORIHOR have a new keyboard player, Damien Lhord, I expect the music will be darker. Can you describe the new songs you might have now ?

The initial plan of adding synth player was drained off, weíll hook up with the no 'beautiful keyboard melodies' and 'sweet chanting female vocals' image. Just watch out for our next material, itís faster and still melodic and we also added some fresh ideas, lyrically wise too. Prepare for our destruction!!!


How did you hooked up with the name KORIHOR ? What does he do beside being an anti-christian that you honoured him an make it as the band's name ? Please share the info you have with us.

Forming a satanic band that would mock the feeble Christian domain needs a monicker that is based on their so called 'sacred scriptures'. Aside from having uprising sound we took the name as it relects in our identities. KORIHOR preaches against Christ, leads many into wickedness, tries to preach people of Ammon (man of God) but is rejected. He also preaches in land of Gideon (churchís teacher) but is bound and carried before high priest. He confronted Alma (son of founder of the church, a high priest) and ask for Godís sign. He was struck dumb and confessed he has been deceived by the devil and killed by Zoramites (apostate sect of persons who accept God gospels).

DARK PROPHET RECORDS released KORIHOR's demo. What can we expect from this label next ?

Dark Prophet Records is my own underground label, I came up with two cassette releases which is KORIHOR "Innocent Deist" and REQUIM (Floridian Death Metal) "Asphyxiated Scum of Society". D.P.R. was put on ice some months ago due to improper management and lack of experience. But now Iím getting back, through I.P.N. Production, there are some line up releases in both cassette and CD formats. Itís hard to talk about it as for now Ďcoz nothing is definite yet.


Could you please enlightened us with Davao metal scene since I think there are not only KORIHOR exist there. In the bio, mentioned the name DECAPITATED, HIDDENWOUND, AGNAS. I guess they are from the same neighbourhood. What do you think of the Philippines scene as a whole ? Until now, I only heard demos from SIGNOS, KRATORNAS, KAMBING, EBWA and EFFLUVIUM. What do you think about these bands ?

Like I said earlier AGNAS is Josatan and Abhorís former band, HIDDENWOUND consist of AGNAS and UNDEAD members, both band is now left in the past. For the active bands, there are : DECAPITATED (Gore/Death), DYSENTRY (Grindgore), KUNDINAR (Black Metal), LEX SATANICUS (Black Metal) and FUNEBRAL (Black Metal).

Philippinesí scene? I would not consider it as a scene, weíre promulgated with loads of backstabber and most of these hordes just minding their own business and donít intend to support some other dark project. There are some bands that youíll support all through out, but later when they feel they have been recognized, they wouldnít even give a damn saying a deserving simple 'thanks'. Instead, they will treat you as a competitor or a threat, itís good actually but in a very small scene (did I call it a scene?) I think it is not necessary. Sad to say it but thatís the reality. Filipinos have this crab mentality and thatís the reason for our unprogressing metal opppsssss... SIGNOS is a very good musician, they are the 'fatal disaster' that Cebu ever came up. They play Brutal Death Metal in the veins of Cannibal Corpse, but I heard these guys were disbanded. Did you mention KRATORNAS? I heard both of his demo and I didnít like it. Iím aware of KAMBING and EBWAís existence but Iím not lucky enough to hear their materials.


Have you be in contact/relation with any bands/zine/ect from S.E.A. ? What do you think of our scene ? You might notice that our bands incorporate their proud heritage in their music and lyrics. What about KORIHOR ? Will you be interested using such topic ?

Yes, I got lots of contacts in S.E.A. lately. This is through my Inverted Pater Noster Webzine which mainly supports anyone from this territory as well as from Australia and Japan. S.E.A. scene is getting better as time pass by. There are loads of well managed labels, good bands and zine as well. Check out Dark Legion Zine (Singaporeís Metal Bible). Itís highly informative and professional with a very nice/neat layout and killer artwork. If Iím not mistaken youíre also a contributor of this zine, right (Yes. Great to work with Makhluq and co and see them improving every issue. Steel Madness will be as pro as them soon ! ~ Syukri) ? No, we wonít consider to incorporate our lyrics or music with our heritage. Especially in our side, I think no one would be interested to this small countryís local heritage, but I heard KAMBING or EBWA doing such topics and itís good as long as they deliver the message in right dark ways.


What do you and the rest of the band do for a living ? Is Davao a good place to live ? If we wanted to visit Davao, where would you like us to go ? I'm more interested with the 'red light district'.

Abhor and I are still finishing up our studies, Santo is now seeking for a job and Josatan is the usual hard working guy. No! Donít even think to live in Davao City, weíre just a few kilometers away from the war zone. Some Malaysian got nabbed from Sabah by our local terrorist called 'Abu Sayyaf'. Luckily they fled safely and returned to your homeland. Have you heard of those terrorism activities (Abu Sayyaf rules ! They amazed me actually. Just by small boat they come and fled back just like that. They made fun of Malaysian defence system ~ Syukri) ? Can I ask the impact of our ongoing war, economic crisis and dispute of our leaders in your area? Iím always interested in such topidc Ďcoz it affects us in anyway. Anyway, if you want to visit the 2nd largest city just to fuck then this is the place to be. For only 3-6 USD, you can get a whore from the street, but your health is in 50/50 condition. You might get STD viruses. But if you seek a real pleasure, fantasy and safe health then sweet little pussies await you in our local KTV bars. All you need is 20-40 USD, but if you have a good 'public relation' or if the whore likes you, then you might get a free sex. He... he... he... (I think I should test my Ďpublic relationí skills there...~ Syukri)


That's all the question I have for now. Thank you for your time. Last word to those who're still sceptical with KORIHOR and your hate towards christianity and religion ?

Thanks for those who supported us! Iíd like to use this space to specially thank Roel (Tripalium Webzine) for inspiring me to do my own website and for the kind words. The same goes to Roy (Underworld Zine) for feeding some information of web designing and for the support, Jumali (Dark Legion Zine) for having the highest score in their demo reviews (issue #03), Sufian (Nathias Mag and Gemaritma Production) for the upcoming release of our split demo with SURRENDER OF DIVINITY and of course Syukri (Steel Madness Webzine & S.E.A. Metal force) for all through out support and being an honest trade partner (Thanks to you to bro ! ~Syukri). For those who still skeptical with KORIHOR, may your foolish GOD bring you to heaven and kiss his motherís ass for me. For more info of the band and I.P.N. Webzine/Production, visit url : http://korihor.cjb.net and http://extrememetal.cjb.net 


Marvin "OBISPO" Garcia
Blk.14 Lt.14 Ph.2
San Lorenzo Village

Puan, Davao City
8000 Philippines