I was lucky because Random zine editor trade me FIELDS OF ASPHODEL "Deathflower" MCD or I might miss one of the interesting Italian release in 1999. Remember the old DARK TRANQUILITY "Skydancer" era ? This band has captured the sound and style of their idol perfectly. What makes them attracted with this swedish melodic death or "gothenburg metal" ? I made these question and supposed to be answered by Giovanni (vocal) in April 2000 but he is in Sweden and Antonio gladly answering it and he explain why Giovanni is not around at the time of the interview.

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fields_of_asphodel-pic2.jpg (28496 bytes)Hello Antonio. So FIELDS OF ASPHODEL will be on tour for 3 months. Is this tour arranged by yourselves or using a booking agency ? Well, in Germany, if a band does not hire booking agencies it will be hard to play a show. I just want to know if the situation in Italy and other European countries is the same in Germany. By the way, what is Giovanni doing in Sweden right now (before the tour)  ?
[Antonio] First of all hello to everyone. Well, I'm actually planning the dates for this little Italian tour, should be something like 8-9 gigs; I'm doing it by myself because here it's not that difficult to find out a place where to play live, above all when they know you've a record label behind you...you know what I mean. I know about the German situation because we'd have had the chance to play there last year but we didn't do it in the end 'cause of my personal problems(read exams...); anyway it'll be a little tour just to see what we're still able to do on a stage after more than 1 year out of the scene, and probably the "tour" will see its end in Rome in June hopefully. What is Giovanni doing in Sweden right now?Mmm...well...let's say sentimental stuff...and maybe not only!

After the tour, FIELDS OF ASPHODEL will be recording your full-lenght. Could you describe the songs and named the title of the album and the songs ? Will it be recorded again in Blue Train's Infernal Studio and using the expertise of Giorgio Spolaor and Antonio Morgante ? When shall we expect the album to be released and on which label ?
[Antonio] Well that's exactly what we'd like to do...I mean...this is the plan, even if I have to admit that the date was postponed more than one time. Anyway I think it'll probably see the first light in september or something like that and it'll probably be entitled "Obsidian Skies", or at least this is the main idea. I can't say anything about the songs and their names 'cause usually GIovanni show 'em up very late...you know...he's the poet...eheh.We still don't know where it'll be recorded, I think we'll change studio for sure, not 'cause we're not happy about Blue Train's results but mostly 'cause we have some other chances.I have to say that I'd love to record in the "Metal Temple"...called Studio Fredman in Gothenburg...well...we'll see!For what concern the label, well...we're waiting for some answers from a couple of majors and, if it won't work, I suppose we'll sign another kind of deal with Northern Darkness, which is growing more and more...

album-fields_of_asphodel-deathflowers.jpg (52242 bytes)"Deathflower" is the band's first release. How was the reaction from listener towards "Deathflower" ? Niklas Sundin of DARK TRANQUILITY also draw the cover artwork. What does he think of "Deathflower" ?
[Antonio] I have to say that I didn't expect this kind of result.I'm glad this MCD impressed this huge audience who's waiting for the full-length to be realised, and I'm astonished 'cause we sold a really good number of copies, which is not so easy for a MCD. Niklas is a good friend like every guy in DARK TRANQUILITY  orINFLAMES and the idea of asking him to help us out with the cover draw came up exactly when he was starting his commercial website(www.cabinfevermedia.com).I guess he like the CD but..you know, when you have a friend sometimes you have to lie so...I'm not sure about what he really thinks (c'mon just kidding...)!

Could you tell a bit about the making of "Deathflower" ? You said (in the website) this release is a self-financed release. How was "Deathflower" released by Northern Darkness ? Wasn't there any deal from other label ?
[Antonio] The main thing is that Deathflower was, in our mind, a promo-CD. It's first aim should have been to find a record deal for the band, that's why we did it by ourselves. We met Paccagnella (NORTHERN DARKNESS label manager) when we went to Turin to follow our friends and labelmates DIABLERIA (www.diableria.com) which at that time were on their way to record their first album for NORTHERN DARKNESS RECORDS. We talked to the manager and we were agree that Deathflower was good enough to be sold; so we went for the "co-production" thing. That was our first opportunity and we catched it! Let's see for the future...

Why "Gothenburg-style" instead or other kind of extreme music ? What you, Giovanni, Giuliano and Mattia and Davide Tiso from EPHEL DUATH do in Göteborg on summer 1998, before the recording of "Deathflower" ?
[Antonio] Good question! I guess we chose this kind of music 'cause it's the most expressive; I mean, you're free to do what you want and to express yourself in many ways and we found this kind of music fit perfectly to our personalities: aggressive, powerful yet melodic and deep. What we did that summer? Oh oh...well it's a long story but let's say we went there just to meet our swedish gods and than visit Norway and stuff like that. But they were so great with us, we became friends and we stayed there for one month ( thing that happend again a year later for me and Giovanni).

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FIELDS OF ASPHODEL consist of members from DAIOMAI. Is DAIOMAI still around ? Could you tell us what does the rest of the members do beside FIELDS OF ASPHODEL, I mean side-projects ?
[Antonio] Oh nope! DAIOMAI was our first band (for me, Giovanni and Paolo), and well we only recorded a demo-tape than the band died; it was only experience. Actually we don't have any "real" side-projects, I mean so many things in mind but nothing else, even because we had some line-up problems lately so our time was totally absorbed by FIELDS OF ASPHODEL. Anyway, Mattia is no longer our bass player, he's the sound technician and mixerist, we're having an help from Claudio from DIABLERIA.

How about in real live. Are you guys working or full time with the band ?
[Antonio] Someone works part-time but almost everyone studies. I'm a student in Literature and History for istance.

Is there any new good Italian band especially from Padova ?
[Antonio] I already mentioned our friend DIABLERIA, from Padova too; and well I guess more or less every band under NORTHERN DARKNESS is a good band; I even would like to mention EVENTIDE ALWAYS from padova.

Do you know anything about Malaysian/Singaporean/South East Asian metal scene ?
[Antonio] Erhm...please forgive me....no.

Tell the reader where and how can they get FIELDS OF ASPHODEL's CD and other merchandises.
[Antonio] Well they can get FIELDS OF ASPHODEL's CD and merchandise through NORTHERN DARKNESS or directly from us writing a letter to the "real" address or to the "virtual" ones: asphodel@iol.it or edenspring@hotmail.com or if someone want to contact the members icq# 53976474

Thank you for the time spent on this interview. Last words ?
[Antonio] I'd like to thank you for the attention and the readers/listeners of course. Thanks for the support! Cya maybe in Singapore one day :)

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