Another brutal death metal band from Indonesia. DELIRIUM TREMENS was brought in here just to update a bit info about Indonesian death metal scene. Interview with MORBIFIK was one year old. This one is made in December 2000. Another reason why they are here is to let them tell more about the rip off by Ritmik Production on them. Answers by Doni.
Interview by Syukri.

Delirium Tremens

Before we start talking more on DELIRIUM TREMENS (DT), may I know what really happen to ORDOTH ? Is this band still around ?
Yap, ORDOTH ? I am totally clueless about this band. I was in    

ORDOTH, but after I left the band and I joint another band, I only know that this band was dying, coz there was not anyone's commitment in the band, and one of them were totally rip off person (named Dudy, the lead guitarist). He took my guitar ampli, eat all our money and our money from selling our band t shirt. But I know our ex-guitarist in ORDOTH, Yuta, is in a brutal death metal band called PANIC

How did you survive in the violence between the police/government and students in the riots happened in Jakarta a while ago ? I read in local newspaper some students were killed, luckily it is not you.

Yes, luckily its not me. Man, I got my friend shot in the shoulder, right on my back ! Indonesian Police and Army are totally pussy, fuck-off to all of them ! They are very rude, very brutal !!!! They always oppress the weak, and protect the rich ... as the money can command them ...

Psychodynamic Theory Of Sadistic PerversionDT's first demo "Psychodynamic..." was recorded in 1998 with the old line-up but released officially in October 2000. You're not in the band back then, but I assumed you know why it took almost 2 years for the demo to be released. Or maybe you like to tell us when did you came in the band first ? Where did Jolly go ?

The said demo planned to be released on VSP or any M'sian labels, and the Ritmik Production was take care everything. After a long time it never been released and no confirmation about this, the Ritmik fuckin' Production ask the band to try find another local label. I think it was an expression about their rip-off or frustation. And finally, on November 2000, my friend told me that he saw our debut album on Sonic Wave in the music store (he was playing a gig in M'sia, his band is BRAIN THE MACHINE). We was suprised, coz It has been released for about one and a half year, but we never received any letters from the fans, any e-mail from the fans .... cause in the cover sleeve there is only an address of Ritmik Production, and no band address. From here we can be assure that they are to keep us uninformed about the release of our debut album. (Fuck off to rip offs !!! ~ Syukri)
I came to the band about April 1999, and I was only a session member, replacing Joly, which drift away in the drugs abuse. I don't know anything about him today. 

And "Psychodynamic..." demo was available in Malaysia before the official release of it in Indonesia. What do you feel after knowing you have been ripped off ? Actually, who are the one responsible for this ? Is Rhythmic Prod exist there ? Will there be any legal action taken ?

Of course we are pissed off !! Arnanto and friends are responsible for this ! Ritmik Production is never exist, as their release is only Delirium Tremens, and nothing about them in Underground scene today .... They are true bloodsucker of the underground freaks ... We will take a legal action here, but if it run out, or too expensive for us, we will commit a criminal prosecution way !! Cut his throat and drink it in the from of his wife and children ... rape their wives ... Painful death and total suffer for all of them !!! (Yeah, that's the spirit !!! ~ Syukri)

Since you are in the band now, maybe the plan to record new release have been made by now. Will there be any changes in the music since addition of new members usually change the band's music a bit. Any new composition have been made ? When can we hear the new release ?

We have a plan to release a promotape called "Adora Mortis" contains 4 new songs, in middle January, and a full length album in the late February 2001. There will be a progress in DELIRIUM TREMENS musical direction, as our new guitarists are influenced by total Suffocation/Cannibal Corspe and Old Metal/Hardcore stuff ..... The musick will stay the same ... wicked and brutal violence .... painful shore throat .... As for now we've got 10 new songs, and one of them appear in "Brutally Sickness : Bloody Sounds of Death" featuring 29 bands all over the ball of dirt ....

Delirium Tremens - Doni (Vox)It is funny at first, looking a thumb hanging on your belt. Is it real ? Who's the unlucky one who have lost thumb to you ? I never seen any Indonesian band playing live before but maybe in couple of days a VCD of a gig in Bandung (with IMPIETY) will arrive (if there is no fuck-ups with the postal service). How many bands who use blood on their show ? Where did you get those pile of blood ? You should describe DT live show for the readers because looking at the picture, DT are too violent and extreme (that's a compliment...).

Yes it is. I bought it from a friend who live nearby a train accident location. And he sold it to me. 
Hey, Impiety played in Bandung? It never realized, brother ..... It was canceled. So you will never see the VCD I guess. (Ops. That gig was in Jogjarkarta. ~ Syukri)
There only a few bands who use blood on their show. I bought it on some local slaughterhouse. We are always using spikes, fresh bloods, and no t-shirts. We will carrying Firebreathing on stages next time .... If possible, we also performing a dead animal, especially Pigs .... On the stage, we always blocking (moving and changing places where you stand when you playing instruments). Our bass player broke his arm when we were slamming our bodies each other, and then jump into the crowd .... (Man, I must witness this kind of barbarity on stage !! ~ Syukri)

Moving away from DT, I got 2 first volumes of Metalik Klinik compilation, so-called "Indonesia most selling underground compilation". A label here also stated about this compilation in their release-sheet as the selling point for their Indonesian artist. What do you think about this compilation personally ? Is it still exist ? Frankly, I like the metal songs in it. The bands has to sing in Indonesian and this make the compilation quite original and some of songs are quite interesting when sung in Indonesian. But the label stricting the bands who want to participate in this compilation must be underspecific age and I think this is ridiculous. Age is not a restriction to create good music. Could you please tell more about this compilation and the label releasing it ?

Personally, I am anti-Metalik Klinik person ! Not anti with the band, but the people behind it, the producers, labels. They are totally sucks ! They don't give a clear future planning after releasing the compilation, no event of live shows, VCD, video klips,etc. They are only selling the music for their own benefit ... It doesn't give a development in Indonesian Underground scene ...We were asked to join it, but we refuse. True Underground metal should look at this point of view. Not only showing their abilities on major label who really sucks !!! The label who release it is Musica, and Rotorcorp (this is the most disgusting thing that we have been talked about). The age restriction, it is only one of the rotorcorp ridicuoulousness ... !!! Fuck Rotorcorp !!! 

On the early stages of completing my South East Asia Metal Force website, I was given lots of tapes by my Indonesian pals for promotion (in 1998). Lots of brutal death stuffs and then I know Indonesia is famous with its huge brutal death scene. I think Indonesia have a great scene. At least it has a trademark like 'land of the brutal..' or something but Malaysia has nothing interesting to be said about except for the old and established bands. To be honest, I don't all the tapes I received. After listening continously for about 20 tapes or more (I don't quite remember the amount), it doesn't offer anything new. All the just sounding the same. But I amazed though, in your land, lots of bands in the same style still got the support from the local fans although the music is just quite the same with each another. What do you want to say about your scene ?

Yeah .... Indonesian Underground metal, especially Brutal Death metal is very huge and crowdy ! tons of bands are alive here ! But, most of them are sounding the same, just like you said. But we got some really kick ass bands, such as DEATH VOMIT, DISINFECTED, FORGOTTEN, MOTORDEATH, JASAD, DAJJAL, and more .... We have so many gigs every year and every town ... But we dont have much yet is great underground labels who has good promotion and distribution worldwide ... (If you guys can polish a bit the sound, it will not be hard to find a good distribution deal worldwide. ~ Syukri)

After finishing the 3rd version of that website, I'm quite busy and never did add any new info on Indonesian page, as well as listening to new stuffs. Just recently (in this month of November 2000) I listen to some new stuffs from Indonesia. RITUAL ORCHESTRA (their new song in Psychic Scream's compilation CD is quite promising but their debut album is crap..), SUCKER HEAD (a big well-known band which I knew long time ago but "10th Agresi" is the first release I heard. Only few songs are quite okay, the rest is not my blood but I tend to keep this release since it is my first Indonesian release in CD), ETERNAL MADNESS ("Bongkar Batas" is great release. Still in brutal death/grind but with some Hindu or something influence/music makes this release is quite original and brutal !), NEOHELLIST compilation 1 (I think the Indonesian black metal is infected with this "vampiric" plague. You know, melodic with keys, etc. Still okay after few listening, only few bands caught my attention on my first listening) and lastly BETRAYER ("Hukuman Mati" is an IN-FLAMES rip off but still interesting. I like them since "Grand Voice Society" demo. But I miss "Pasukan Berani Mati" because on pre-buying this tape in local store, I heard that the songs is more like an Indonesian version of the songs from the demo so I intend to not buying the tape) beside "Psychodynamic..". Would you like to comment a bit about the new stuffs I've listen. You said something about BETRAYER. Musically, they are one of my fave Indonesian band but the lyrics in "Hukuman Mati" is too positive for me. For me metal must be extreme as a whole (music, lyric, everything).

RITUAL ORCHESTRA : Good BM bands. they are boycotted by local underground scene (Malang city), coz they are appear in Metalik klinik, and the scene thinks it is a commercial way to show (That song actually rule in that comp. Fast black metal and much better thann their debut album. ~ Syukri). 
SUCKER HEAD : They are slowing down .. Not good metal enough .
ETERNAL MADNESS : Great Gods of balinesse Metal !! (They are equal to AS SAHAR and LANGSUYR or maybe a lot more orignal than these two ? ~ Syukri)
NEOHELLIST I : Yap, Indonesia is infected by "vampire" in their dreams .... But some are good ...
BETRAYER : They Hi-jack our guitarist without any permission, and seduced him with a sum of money ... No More comment about them ! Yap, Metal must be in the most extreme form in everything ! If they are too soft and too positive, then turn the music into the boy bands tunes ...

More Indonesian bands I know, sing in Indonesian, would DT do the same in the future ? Would DT ever change the lyrics from gore, death theme to something related to your heritage ? I see that more bands, not just in the S.E.A. but also around the world proudly talk about their heritage, local myth and occultism. 

Yes, we will have one or two songs sung in Indonesia, called "Metal Sampai Mampus" and "Busuk". No, we will never ever change the theme of DELIRIUM TREMENS. We will stay in Murder, Killings, Sadism, Violence .... But I always
like to hear the songs from every background ... no matter what it is ...

What are the best new Indonesian releases that you like to recommend to us ?

DISINFECTED "Melted", DEATH VOMIT "Eternally Deprecated", "Brutally Sickness : Bloody SOUNDS OF DEATH", FORGOTTEN "Obsesi Mati", and tons more ...!!!

How do you see our S.E.Asian scene are growing ? Do you know any band from your S.E.A / Asean countries ? How do you rate Indonesian and S.E.Asian scene compare with other scene in the world.

SEA u/g scene is growing stronger than before. IMPIETY played in Europe, it was a big step in SEA U/g. SEA U/G is stronger than before. It will compares the other scene in everyplace in the world. Yap, I know IMPIETY, AS SAHAR, BEAST PETRIFY, SURRENDER OF DIVINITY ....

This is it for now. Thanks for your time. Your last words for the readers and for those rip offs fuckers out there ?

Keep the Underground flames burning ! Keep you hatred against mainstream ! Do not forget to check our stuff in early february, and keep in touch with us by sending your email address to ours. Syukri, please up-date your site everymonth will you ? I will give more infos ! (I'll try my best. Is there anyone out there interested in becoming SEAMF webcrew ? ~ Syukri). To all fuckers that rip us off, beware ! You will find your self drifting in your own blood, feel the unending pain for fure ... !!!
D E A T H  M E T A L  S A M P A I  M A M P U S (Means in English "Death Metal till death" ~ Syukri)

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