ANTAEUS is the new french black metal which really cought me in awe with their MCD. Last time I have the same feeling after listening to GORGON's "The Lady Rides..." album some years ago. But ANTAEUS is much more darker and much better. Listening to the intro and outro of their MCD is really a horrifying experience (and by reading the wording in the cover sleeve as well)  while the 2 tracks there bring me to the state where I really enjoy black metal very much ! Stormy, grim, insane black metal attack. I don't have to wait long enough for their next release. Read the interview for further info on "Cyfaws"...

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 antaeus-mkm.jpg (20774 bytes)Ave MkM ! You said ANTAEUS full-lenght, "Cyfaws" already finished the recording, mixing, everything. Would you please talk more about this release. (When will it be release, which label, songs, every fukking thing about it if that does not bored you to death).
[MkM] All hailz to thee aktually I have no idea on when and where it will be released we signed a three cd deal with baphomet records (usa), and all seems very compromised now.
It was meant to be out in June 2000 in the USA, via Necropolis records (for the manufacturing). We sent all the lay out and so on for the deadline in mid march since then, we got news about a september 2000 release (like a year or so after the rekording), and even later in europe. So aktually, I have to say I don't care much any longer. We had many problems in the past, and nothing has changed. I trust baphomet in their work, we will see how stuff happens to be. the cd will be 34 min long, the lay out is done by timo of davthvs who did last Marduk cd, funeral mist mcd, and various other flyers or releases.
His work is utterly dark and I think he managed to match visually what we needed.
We did record the whole album in two days, we had no other choice, so let's say the sound is far from being the best we had. the mcd is in fakt added to it, being the first two trackz
the following tracks are
- devotee
- those with no eye
- specimen 23
- bleeding
- nihil khaos
- daemonn (live trax)
The sound is raw & diabolical, how it should be. and itz a fuckin hateful piece towards aktual situation of the so called scene.

Will "Cyfaws" have the same style of the song like "Rekordin 2000-1" MCD ? Describe the music ANTAEUS plays for those who haven't heard of ANTAEUS.
antaeus / eternal majesty split demo[MkM] AntaeuS is anti god, anti Music and ANTI YOU. We hate all, anything possible gets our fuckin hatred, it bores me to death to see things how they are now. We all hail blasphemy, beherit, nuclear death, rottrevore or bands havin an insane satanik aura (incantation, dark throne... the list goes endless when it comes to influences). I don't think one could hear them through our musik but then again, I wouldn't care less we are Brutal & fast. two different things we do combine. Yes, it is the same vein, all tracks are old anyway
only nihil khaos is one year old only. others were composed even before the split demo with Eternal Majesty.

"Cyfaws" will released under BAPHOMET / NECROPOLIS, why not under SPIKEKULT, your label ?
[MkM] I am dead broke, and I barely can pay the rehearsal for the band each week. Also I feel like the only one being truely involved in the band so I'd rather get the support from a bigger label. We never had any flyers going on for AntaeuS In the past no one did ever do a thing I couldn't pay for it to be pressed, not even xeroxed we loose cash all the time, and I was full of debts, I barely eat more than once a day. so fuck all that, if someone wants AntaeuS and can handle it then fine with me...But up to now, nothing is truely positive for us I do await the future release and I'll see.

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Line-up for this recording ? ANTAEUS faces couple of line-up changes since 1994. What make Piat leave the band after the gig with IMPALED NAZARENE (I guess in 1996) ? How bad is the "war" and rumours against the band ? First of all what makes ANTAEUS involved in this war ?
[MkM] If he moved, thatz his point, now all is solved between us and those who did spit on us in the past we all realized that when the years passing by, some bands did wimp out, and not others. as simple as that. We had probs with band members because we are mainly assholes when it comes to people we don't know and the drummer/guitar player are two individuals hard to handle and to work with. that didn't help us. AntaeuS is somehow the most underated band of the french scene, If I compare our situation with other bands, we do have the worst one.
no support from anywhere... I don't care any longer I hate to see fags gettin zines support, getting cash for their live shows. We never get anythin since we started even if 400 people shows up at our shows, we would get maybe 20 usd as a payement. Making a gig with antaeus would mean a loss of cash seriously for us (gas, food, beer, and so on, nothing is provided nor payed).

"Rekordin 2000-1" is the first release I heard from the band, a collaboration release with of SPIKEKULT and END ALL LIFE . What does the songs talked about ?
[MkM] Satanik Hatred of the self and the extended self. My own body, yours, your dreams, their dogmas, all is a possible target for us. the concept of A is simple, the musik has to be a vektor of violence. then it will depends on how you perceive the whole.

 antaeus-mkmblut.jpg (18540 bytes)"Rekordin 2000-1" is in limited 500 copies, will it be re-pressed after it is sold out ? I have this question which always bothering me in my mind, why must a release only released in a limited number of copies. Would it be better if more fans can hear it if more copies of it being made ? I guess this is why "Cut your Flesh and worship Satan" LP being cancelled ?
[MkM] We got dropped from the LP deal because I couldn't pay for it. I had to give cash for having my Lp pressed I truely wanted to have AntaeuS on vinyl, but I can't afford it.
I know, it sounds weird to have to pay in such cases, but remember, itz an AntaeuS deal, we never get cash for studio rekordin, nor any support. if we do, I'd say it is little EAL did help a lot in coproducing the mcd. But as one could see, we didn't fit the label really, that is why things did turn that way. I still support 666% their work though. Havin the release limited?? well, It was meant to be a promo at first but even if selling it, I did loose tons of cash on it, not even gaining 10 usd!! I even did sell my very own copy and had to buy it again full price from someone (to finally sell it again because of cash problems). Anyway I got ripped off way too many times, and fuckin loosers did say way too many shits about us. Your review is maybe one of the 10 positive review out of 100. I don't care, your words were valuable for my self. No individuals from the band cares for reviews nor spreadin the name anyway, I'm the only one having this band priority.

ANTAEUS will also have few split EPs planned ? Mind telling a bit about it ?
[MkM] I couldn't answer now it changes all the time so what can I say? we got offers, but then again, I don't think I'll have the cash for the rekording. also, like most deal we do get, I don't even get some copies myself... so itz pointless. One was meant to be with necrophagia on redstream the other one with shadow records, with either ofermod or funeral mist. both offers are truely great, I hope I'll manage to save some cash for these !!!

I don't know  much about French black metal could you enlighten me a bit ? You mentioned about hated Black Legions (VLAD TEPES/ BELKETRE/ MUTIILATION) and separation of French scene into 2 separated parts. These will be a good start beside mentioning the pioneer and the cultest band there ?
[MkM] Not needed any longer the scene is divided in two : boring & not so boring bands. I support bands linked with EAL & SPK & DRAKKAR nothing else. I won't give name, why should I? It's a waste of time for me to mention bands that will soon backstabb me.

About SPIKEKULT, when did you started the label and what was your first release ? SPIKEKULT is more into vinyl I guess. Why ? Plaese list the releases we can get from SPIKEKULT as well as the upcoming releases.
[MkM] SPK is a mistake nowadays I wanted to help demo bands, I love demo tapes, but owadays... it is utopik to go on like these. I think that spk is like a loss of 200 usd each month at least. I never manage to get the money back, I'm ripped off all the time, last time, it was with the jewdog named syrragh of dark blaze zine (poland), next time, it will be someone else I get these plans nearly once a week.... and even people I can trust manage to fuck me up. An exemple, we sent money to have 25 antaeus shirt pressed, this was 2 Months
ago, we never got anything back... that's how things are. and since distance doesn't allow me to kill all those who got in my way I must say that I have a rather huge will for revenge all the time. Yes, I also hail vinyl, as much as demos. I don't feel like mentionning releases from spk. next two releases are more important others are sold out anyway. check the website for yourself Next release I truely recommand is the ARKHON INFAUSTUS ep this will crush all.

I don't think you know much info about South East Asian metal scene especially Malaysia and Singapore...
[MkM] I m mostly lost when it comes to Asia, I know some labels u have like pulverizer, or bands like abhorer, Impiety, Sil Kannaz, Kratornas (phillipinos right?), I mix up all the time band from your area and Japan, I don't why, Maybe it is because of the high postage rates, I didn't get really much mail and flyers from your area lately. There was quite a few bands I had demo of back in 93. One band had their demo untitled "spirit of barbuelis" or something like that, I did think the sound was truely dark & insane. I hail impiety also a lot. I think that ITNOS who also had an ep out on shivadarshana was from your country no?
Anyway South East Asian metal seems to be a gathering of fucked up individuals, so I hail your scene. I know some people do praise the fakt that your band sound "different" and I
even cross the term "exotic" to describe the whole. Anything hateful inspired is of my taste.... so.

That's all for this session. Any last wordz MkM ?
[MkM] Thkz a lot for the review and the interest shown in the band, all hailz to the sick freakz from your scene and to those very few individuals who did support AntaeuS & any true hateful form of musikal terrorism. for the rest, I hope YOU DIE.

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78600 - Maisons Laffitte,

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