Issue #3, Oct 2001
48 pages, A5 size, clear xerox. I finished reading this zine in only 30 minutes (or maybe less). Why? Well, this zine is written in Thai and English and although there are some in English but the questions of the interview is in Thai. Even if I know Thai, I think the interview is not interesting. Based on the answer’s given, Yongyuth might ask the usual "what is the band history, how much the album sold, etc". This zine is targeted for local Thai only. Interviews with Entrails, Levifer, Root, Sword Of Darkness, Satan (Peru.), Secrets Of The Moon (Ger.). Beside this, he also adds lots of news taken from internet/e-news, which I have read too many times. The cover of the zine is xerox on red paper and wrap with plastic, which reminds me of my school days where I have to wrap my exercise book. Pity though, the xerox is almost excellent but not the content.
c/o Yongyuth Hongsa, P.O.Box 83, Huamark, Bangkok, 10243 Thailand.
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