Issue #2, 1999
The second issue of this zine is much better than the previous one but still in the same format (A4 size written in English, only the page number differ). Clear xerox quality, interesting interview (Heloisa, Memories Records, Burial Ground (Malaysia), Beast Petrify, As Sahar, Sakaratul Maut (Singapore), Abyssos, Thy Primordal, Blot Mine, Noctes (Sweden), Paragon Of Beauty, Profanity (Germany) and Krabathor (Czech)) and with the usual desktop publishing lay-out. Only 16 CDs review and the review are short but it is enough to describe the whole releases. One of the best xerox fanzine in Malaysia.

#1, 1998/99
Interview with Angelcorpse, Absu, Usurper (USA), A Canorous Quintet, Dark Funeral, Nastrond 666 (Sweden), Paganus Docthrina (Costa Rica), Funereal Moon (Mexico), Marerdit (Denmark), Out In The Cold, , Rhymes Of Destruction (Belgium), Funeral Rites (Japan) and Necromass (Italy). The editors have made some background research on the band's member even the band themselves unaware of their own activities and projects. This make some interviews interesting. The xerox quality is clear and everything is arranged nicely. The only thing that I dislike is the font type (they are using an electronic typewriter I think) and the reviews (lack of update/new releases). A part from that, everything is fine and worth buying.
c/o Karl/Ason, 1-0-2, Kelumpuk Mawar, Jln 16/56, Ampang Hulu Kelang, 54200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.