TRIPALIUM (Philippines)
Issue #1, 2001
56 page, A4, clear xerox. Limited paper edition of this webzine. How many copies are available? I am not sure about that but hundreds of copies I guess. Is that 'limited'? Looks like normal zine to me. (Steel Madness is also a webzine and the paper issue is limited to 500 x). The interviewed: Punished Earth, Crowhead, Epicedium, Cinerary, Fuck The Facts, Deathguy, M.A.D.:Goya, Grindstone, Bloodshed, Inhumate, Descend and Philippines' Imsomnia (now in US), Korihor, Decapitated, and Rumblejelly. Nice computerized layout but the font is quite big. Quite messy for my eyes but still everything are readable with lots of pictures. There are also some typo mistakes but itís forgivable.
c/o Roel Mores, 081 Paradahan 1, Tanza 4108 Cavite, Philippines.

TRIPALIUM (Philippines)
Issue #2, 2002
52 page, A4, clear xerox. Layout-wise, have some improvements. Killer front cover artwork by Juanjo Castellano! Interesting interviews (as usual) with Psychotogen, Fjelltrone, Id, Underworld Zine, Anphisbenah, graphic artist Juan Castellano, Incarion, Throneum, Thursday, Rot, Prophecy, Divine Rapture, Intervalle Bizarre, Effluvium, Autumn Tears/Dark Symphonies Records, Nunslaughter, Septicemia, Mourning Beloveth, Bizarre Leprous Productions, Cyber Angel, Sanatorium and Bloodthorn. This time the layout is much better but there are still some typo mistakes. I guess Roel should read everything before he getís the zine printed.