TODARK (Malaysia)
Issue #1, 2000

They design a neat flyer, which I rarely see in the local scene. I thought they are good in layout, typo so I put high expectation on this zine. But it doesn’t look like the flyers. 84 A4 pages xeroxed publication. The interviews are divided into couple of sections. “Utusan Kemenyan” features interview with Herriot, Arkhaytulmayt, Mortuary Ancestor, Psychotic Sufferance, and Tasyim. “Keranda Berdarah” featured Abattoir (Singapore, now Abattory), Auld Hornie, Cryptic Malediction, Medieval and Psychic Scream Ent. Lastly “Wasiat Berasap” with Visitant, Kremation, Hayagriva, and Sakramoth. The reason of the editor doing that is not mention. On each section, there is some info about the bands interviewed. The interview questions are too ordinary and not really informative. Guitar tab local metal songs also available. The things that have to be done for the next issue is improve the interviews, the layout and the photocopy quality.
c/o M. Shahrizad, No 14, Jalan Muhibbah, Taman Nirwana Indah, 45300 Sg. Besar, Selangor. or