SLAVA (Thailand)
Issue #1, 2001
88 A5 pages with color pro-print cover. Primitive layout, in the cut 'n paste way which looks nice. It will be great if the xerox quality is clearer. Interviews with: Tragedy Begins, Atavism (Greece), Korihor, Kratornas (Philippines), Vintage Solemnity (Turkey), Vrykolakas, Eternal Throne, Prologue Ad Nocturne (Singapore), Bloody Gore (Indonesia), Myring, Mortal Zine, Northern Sound Records (Finland), Nomenmortis (Slovakia), Nyarlahotep, Infernal Necromancy (Japan), Soils OF Fate (Sweden), Grindstone (Germany), Forgotten Silence, Kuma Rafinata (Czech), Canadian Assault (USA), & Deathguy, Surrender Of Divinity (Thailand). And there is also 7-pages Thai scene report (you can read this in Steel Madness Issue #2) and some music & zine reviews. Quite interesting interview and it is in English. This zine comes with a professional 90 minutes compilation tape featuring 21 bands; side A for brutal death and side B for black, etc. Available for USD 7 (Asia) & USD 8 (elsewhere).
c/o Natthaphon Kamonsin, 64/99 M. 1 Bangkrui-Sainoi Rd., Bangkrang, Muang, Nanthaburi 11000, Thailand.