Issue #2, Mac 2001

The editor of this zine was the editor of Belchepon Zine (read the review in our previous issue). I am not sure what the reason he stop making the zine. That zine is quite good actually. But this newsletter is thousand times better. The layout, the content and the xerox quality are almost excellent. The background of this 28 pages zine (A4/2 size) is black and it didnít loose or over tone. The text and pictures are clear. The content are interviews with Surrender Of Divinity and Korihor, news, Poland scene report, zine/audio reviews, band bio and some articles and all these are written in Malay. I think for the next issue Faizal should include his contact address in the newsletter. I am also wanted seek an apology from Faizal. He sent his newsletter since issue #0 but only now I manage to review it. What I can say about issue #0 and #1. All are in the same quality with this issue. If you like the concept and the style of interview, review and article in this issue, you might also like the previous one. Or putting it another way round, if like the previous one you will also like this.
c/o M. Faizal Abd. Rahman, 40 Kg. Pulau Tiga, Jln. Stesen, 35000 Tapah, Perak.