Trial Edition 1999

This is a newsletter from Kedah (20 page, A4 size in Malay,). There is a lot of newsletter in Malaysia and Secret.. is one of the good one. Using the usual desktop publishing layout so everything is arranged nicely and the xerox quality is also clear. The interview with US Punisher is great, it was made in a form of article but the one with local brutaldeathgrind act, Sardotical Scoundrel is made in the usual question-answer form. It is better if the editor made the question in bold (or in italic, etc) so the reader can distinguished which one is the question and the answer since both of them looks the same. The reviews are simple, not much details about the stuffs reviewed. They are also wasting space with the large size of font and spacing used.
c/o Jowahir Bin Ismail, Kg. Tengah, Mk. Tualang, 06400 Pokok Sena, Malaysia.