Sarang Maut

SARANG MAUT (Malaysia)
Issue #6, 2000

I have read couples of issues and this is the first one he made using computer and it is a bit neat compare with the previous issues. According to Carcass Satanic (only now I know his name is Khairul Anuar), Sarang Maut stop at issue #5. This issue is a collection of the best interview he made in 1996-1998 and adds some new interviews he never publishes before. To make this a complete issue, reviews and lots of SEAsian metal news have been added too. Cool concept. Interviews (all translated into Malay): Samartary, Bloodstorm, Dead Meat, Sermon, Paradigma, Meleschech, Lividity, Pessimist, Kratornas, Warloghe, Immanis, Witch-Hunt, Bunuh, Ritual Orchestra, Scepter and few more. If I want to make this kind of special issue, it will be very special indeed. As for this one, just an ordinary release but a bit better then Sarang Maut previous issue layout-wise. Khairul should write a bit more for the introduction of the interview for example telling which issue is that interview is taken from, some latest info about the band and why he choose that interview. There are few more things that are not done correctly in my point of view but that does not matter since this is the last issue. Khairul also plays in band called SAMARTARY and I think that is one of the reasons why he quit this zine.
c/o Khairul Anuar, Box 2736, Kg. Nako, 06300 Kuala Nerang, Kedah.