Issue #3, 1998

This zine only features interview with zines editor and reviews are mostly on fanzines. I like their review, short and effective with suggestions for improvement. The xerox quality is not the best form and this zines use the famous cut and paste technique but you won't find flyers put just to fill up space (the editor strongly dislike it according to their review). Anyway this is their last issue and the interviews and news are already out-dated since some of the zines are already r.i.p. and doesn't represent the current scene. Contact Syahrul for a copy (if he still have some left) and ask about his magazine/fanzine distribution and also his great band, ZUBIRUN !. It is written in Malay (56 page, A4 folded into 2 size).
c/o Syahrul Hazri, 113 Jln Tmn Long Jaafar, Fasa 3, Kg Boyan, 34000 Taiping, Malaysia.