Issue #3, 1999

Clean and clear zerox zine, written in English. This is an artwork zine and features lots of artwork from local talented artist (Neftaraka, Mortuary Ancestor, Dark Breed, Nefarious Azarak (Malaysia), Surrender Of Divinity (Thailand), Beast Petrify, Netherealm, Necrous (Singapore) and some local zines and artwork artists). Some of the artwork is in sketches but all of them are interesting except for the interviews. The answers from some of the artists/bands are too short and uninteresting. For zine as thick as this zine with standard Times New Roman font, there should be table of content and page number for the convenience of the reader. No reviews, only interviews, artworks and some poetry in its 54 (A4) pages.
c/o Amir, 191 Jalan Kenanga, Taman Bukit Chedang, 70300 Seremban, Malaysia.