Issue 4th Spell 2nd Chapter 2000

This newsletter/zine is getting better every issue. Great to know they will go pro-printed next time, then they will not suffer bad xerox quality as this one (hopefully). Not all, but few lines in some pages is a bit blur. 40 pages, A4 folded into 2 format with reduced (small) font size on 4 columns. There's lot of thing to be read here. As usual the content are news, interview with South East Asia Metal Force website, Purnamwulan, Hayagriva and Incantation and dark poetry as well as review (zine and audio) and articles. The interesting part are the news and article on Ezunoth death and Russian black metal scene. The news are gathered from various sources and the internet are one of them. Some news have been read before and it still interesting to be read again. The review are in depth too and they are a real music/zine critic. No space wastage. Every inch of the paper is wisely use. Few thing to complain here are the xerox quality, putting picture on the middle on the sentence is quite annoying (forcing me to use a ruler while reading or I might loose track. Again, the font size is small) and put the band/zine/label address. Info and price are mentioned but no contact address. Another thing is the use of background image also disturbing my reading unless they can find a good xerox shop. To cheap to be missed as the price is only RM 4 / USD 2.
c/o Zirkelloch, Blk 426, Celementi Ave 3, #06-492 S(120426) Singapore.