PONTIANAK (Malaysia)
Issue #1, 2000
52, A4 pages, written in Malay, in not-so-good xerox quality. Hard to find female editor in Malaysian scene but Princess Of Darkness do try her best in delivering this issue. Even the xerox quality is not the kind of quality I like but everything is readable here. Only the picture looks awful. Type with a computer, 2 column perpage and the picture are pasted using the old fashion way. She should maximize the use of the page, instead of giving a lot of space for the 'footer'. I don't see the importance of putting a lot of pages for local distro's mailorder list. It is not for any use for the readers. The list will be outdated when they get this issue in their hand. She translated everything in Malay. That quite a lot of work. Interviews are not so interesting since no interesting topic have been brought up. Interview are with EMPIRE DE GLAZE (Can), MORBID NOISE, ECLIPSE MAG., HYDRAGYRUM, THORN (Ger), LAUNGAN, AURORA BOREALIS and some bands bio. Also included an article by one female fan (I would like to have a chat with this girl discuss a bit more of what she said), news section and a contest. For RM 7, nothing much to be read here. Buy this zine and try your luck on the contest. I hope I can win the first prize.
c/o Suraya, 79 Jln. Hj Mahmud, Sg. Berembang, 0200 K. Perlis, Perlis, Malaysia.