Issue #3 1999

A neat xeroxed zine with good, clear xerox quality in 80 gsm A4 paper. This zine only feature news and interview and that is their mistake here. Maybe next issue will include some ? It would be great to read what other people (the editor) say on his review and then we can argue or change opinion with them later. The news are also taken from an e-news and it is not edited properly. Seems the editor work in a hurry and this show a lack of professionalism in the editors. Another mistake is putting picture on the interview that are not related with the person being interviewed and doesn't mention or make a note about who was in the picture. For example putting Aslan of The Mystical East picture on Aziz Mutiara Hitam interview. No table of content and page number, no editor address (I have to search it from their flyers). Interesting interview are with Prologue Ad Nocturne, South East Asia Metal Force webmaster, Mutiara Hitam, Psychotic Art zine, Permatha Pathah Records. I give them high credit on the paper/xerox quality and the (interesting answer) interview. Lot of thing have to be done for your next issue guys.

c/o M. Azri Kamal, B7 Felda Raya Jengka 14, 26400 Bandar Jengka, Pahang, Malaysia.