Issue #7, 1998

Japan pro-printed magazine and I guess one of the best metal magazine there. Using 2 colums for interview which I think much better in 3 or 4 columns per page and 4 columns for the reviews. Everything is well-edited, properly layout and neatly done. The interviews are just the ordinary one, no interesting topic being talked about. The most informative interview are with C.S.S.O. A long interview and the band reviewed all their releases (including some history and interesting story behind the making of the release). The rest : Varathron, Rot, Paradigma, Hideous Mangleus, Intense, kadath, Castigate, Tengkorak, Depression, Luna In Aries, Ordoth. Lots fo review here (22 page, reduced sized font) made by 4 interviewers. The review are short, I mean the desription of the music because most of it they talked about the band's bio. Overall, this is a just a fine mag layout-wise but the content is a bit outdated. Better get the new one.
Occult Grinder Magazine, 2-12-49 Minami-Kinomoto Tau, Osaka 581-0042, Japan