NERGASIAN (Malaysia)
Issue #3, 2000

An A4/2 size newsletter. Also include interviews with Beast Petrify, Deadhead Zine and Sakramoth. The xerox quality is not good enough and the layout can be improved. The news is quite out-dated if you want to buy it after you read this review. Some of the news were made like an article and also comes with opinion/statement by someone regarding the news, is quite interesting. Reviews are also included. Actually, if not of those 3 interview, Nergasian will have the same score like Adikara 1st issue. It is not the editors fault that make this newsletter to be rated that way, but by the work of the so-called experienced, 'old-timer' contributors. I rather called them immature kids and childish in their writings. Can you called them 'experienced' when they regard Tandus as Tandas (means toilet in English). This is merely their dissatisfaction of seeing Tandus (Malaysian deaththrash metal) releasing their debut demo in the form of cassette EP, distributed nationwide. They might sound mediocre to some back then but by time progression will take place. Can't they think of that ? Look at them now. Listen to their new track in Panggilan Pulau Puaka 2. Another stupid thing is making the reviews and articles which are influenced by racism. Do they think they are good enough to despise, ridiculed other races ? They have disgrace their own race by doing such unintelligent act. The editors should be very careful in selecting their contributors. They have done a good job, but the contributors have give Nergasian a bad name. 
c/o Mier Termegi, PT 3A Kg. Tok Sani, Bagan Lalang, 13400 Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia.