Issue #1 1999

The introduction release of this newsletter is really disappointing. It was release just to show their existence in the scene and not really a successful issue. All info, flyers, bio are outdated even if you got this on the same day the newsletter finished being xeroxed in a xerox shop. All are have been read numerous times in other publication of read it on flyers. No interview but there's one article about commercialism in metal wrote by the editor and that give the 1 point for this issue. There's been quite some time I've read an article wrote by the zine's editor. I certainly not agree with some of the Rudy view. I guess the next issue will see more feedback on this article and one might include my long opinion on the issue. The thing wrote by editor is merely came out from his emotion and not the actual fact. The newsletter is made with a word processing software (MS Office I guess) and few picture are put here and there. I can't comment more on the layout because there are lots of 'mistake' but who am I to complain ? Next issue will include more news, the editor guaranty.

Issue 2 2001
Issue 3 2002
It took 3 years for Rudi to release the second issue of the newsletter. From issue #2, the newsletter is available for free (4 page, A4, xerox). Issue #2 and #3 has the same layout. He put some news, reviews and some interview. Interview in Issue #2; Auld Honie and Langsuyr + 2 article. Issue #3, intie with; Narrator, Majestic East and Sakramoth. All bands are Malay and the newsletter is in Malay with no graphic or picture. Just text.
c/o Rudi, No. 9 Jalan 1/3b, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia.

Issue 4, 2003

6 page, A4 size, stapled on the corner of the paper. Great layout this time and the xerox are clear too. That is not all, the content is also interesting. This time beside some (very few actually for a newsletter) news and reviews, there's a long forum with three panelists; Juwaidi of Woebegonic Zephyr, Farid of Sailendra and Wan Syamsul of Deadhead Zine. The questions are interesting and the panelists also did their best in answering them (long and informative). This is only useful for those who understand Malay. The newsletter is still delivered for free but sending some RM 1 or two or stamps will not harm you because you will enjoy it. There are some things said in the forum which I don't quite agree but everyone have their own opinion. Maybe I am too open-minded these days…
c/o Rudi, 15 Jln Permai 2, Tmn Air Hitam Permai, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.