Issue 1, July 2003
Metalindia is a metal webzine with extra attention given to Indian and Asian scene. Now they are moving ahead by making the printed version. As stated in the foreword, they wanted to keep the zine simple but didn't mention how frequent it will be released. The debut issue features interviews with RUDRA (Singapore), KALIYUGA (Malaysia / Singapore), MELECHESH (Israel / Holland), SURRENDER OF DIVINITY (Thailand), ACRID SEMBLANCE (India), PYRON (Malaysia) and filling up the space on the in pages are info on A GOOD DAY FOR KILLING (Thailand), HYPNOS, OBSCENITY and BELPHEGOR. 16 A4 pages, good xerox quality and neat layout. There are few contributors involved (including Hamdan of Steel Madness, Abhishek of Maelstrom Mag, Sufian of Aesthetic Extremity and me) in this issue so their work varies between each of them. The reviews are quite in-depth and that is the interesting part in this zine. Also included are news and a section called 'The Past Is Alive' featuring reviews of stuff by 'old bands' which still exist until this day.