Issue #1, 2001

Interview with Sil Khannaz, Almarhum, Pyron, The Raven, Euthanasia, Kremation, Samartary, Astaroth, Shamanic Rites (Malaysia), Azaghal, Devilry (Finland), Unseen Darkness, Kuburan, Kremush (Indonesia), Sadistory, Eternal Throne, Bunuh, Erebus (Singapore) Paganizer (Sweden), Krvestreb (Turkey), Feeble Minded (Czech), Effluvium (Philippines). I am surprised at first, looking at the front cover. Its in color. And about the the content, the interviews are just ordinary and not interesting. Typical questions and you will get typical answer except for some bands that answer it interestingly. What makes this zine a lot better than other Malay-written zine is the review is like a review. Most the zine here don't know how to review and usually their review is just like words for flyers or words taken directly from flyers. That show most of the editosr lack of lots of thing that an editor should have. Writing something in Malay should not be that hard because Malay-language is their mother tongue and these guys in METAL COMMAND show they a bit better than the rest. Only the interview should be improved. They should study a bit about the band and the music to create an interesting and informative interview.
Shukri @ Krypthor, 91 Kampong Alor Gunung, Mukim Pumpung, 05150 Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.