MAELSTROM666 (Thailand)
Issue 5, October 2002

48 page (4 full pages is filled with flyer.), A4 size and xeroxed. No table of content and page number. The layout is neat but the font on the review section is too big for me and on the interviews he used 1.5 spacing which is a waste of space. Interviews; Solid (thai), Hyponic, Bohaln, Abrasive (swe), Beast Petrify, Saurga (denmark), Swords Of Darkness, Misogi, Demonic Resurrection, Toxic Holocaust, Forest of Sorcerous (thai), Feelsick (thai). Phithak need to master a bit the English language (but he is better than Yongyuth). The questions are too common and less interesting (about the band's bio, the releases, the band's view on something, etc, etc) but he put lots of pictures on the interviews so that will help you from getting bored. Usually a zine will have the foreword column at the first pages of the zine but he put it on the last page of the zine named the column 'Outro666'. And he starts the zine with interviews which originally sent by other zines to him. That's strange but I think its okay as long he does not ask questions to himself. (I remember that Marvin of Bakal Zine laugh when I suggest about putting the interview with Korihor which I made in his first issue. Personally, I will be embarrassed in doing such thing in my zine.) The reviews are short and most of the stuffs are quite rare and underground and he put the front covers on the reviews. The zine also includes a free sampler featuring the bands interviewed (he is really good in selecting the songs!) but is limited to 333 copies.
c/o Phithak Phansri, P.O. Box 16 Chandrakasem Postoffice, Bangkok 10904 Thailand.