LOST IN CHAOS (Indonesia)
Issue #2, 1999
This xeroxed zine has shit load of info on Indonesian bands but unfortunately it is written in Indonesian (44 page, A5 size). Even I don't understand some of the words in this zine. Info can be read about local metal/punk band such as Naked Truth, Trauma, Brain The Machine, Corporation Of Bleeding, Ruction, Demoralize, Unseen Darkness, Popcorn Disinfected, Absolute Shock, Friday 13th, Crusade, Rage Generation Brothers, Excess, Ordoth, Fear Inside, Jaelankunk, Bloody Gore and Ragged Underware ! Lost In Chaos focussing on the whole underground scene, so there are metal and hardcore bands can be found here (and maybe other underground music will be featured in their next issue ?). The layout is nice, some cut n' paste but still it is a neat zine. There is only 9 short audio reviews. They should add page number and table of content to make this zine looks more organised in the future.
c/o Harry S.I.C, Jl Bungur Utara 8, Blitar 66121, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.