KOMAMAUT (Malaysia)
Issue #2, 2000

This zine is too messy and not well-edited. The interviews are boring. The copy I got is not even stapled properly. 72 A4 pages, badly Xeroxed, written in Malay/English. Some interviews are with Infernal Poetry, Mintras, Entrails, Soulless Divine and some more bands/projects and mostly are from oversea. The way they asked the questions looked like they are asking for free promo. Also included are reviews, articles, lyrics, and news and band bios. They have to work more on the layout and the interviews and use other xerox shop.

Komamaut KOMAMAUT (Malaysia)
Issue #3, 2001
This issue shows some improvement and glad to see they have changed. Still 74 A4 pages (this time stapled!), not so good xerox quality (a bit better than before). Written in Malay/English. The layout has been improved and so does the interviews. Interviews are with Exhumate, The Forgotten, Nathias, Cenotaph, Steel Madness, God and few more. They still need to improve the layout and the xerox quality.
c/o Ahmad Izanni Zainuddin, 508 Taman Sri Semantan 3B, 28000 Temerloh, Pahang.
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