Issue #2, Mac 2002
80 page, full size, xerox and written in Malay. Interview: Almarhum, As-Sahar, Azmaniarkh, Batara Guru (old interview from their 1st issue), Holy Flesh Records, Inside, Nebiula Productions, Kremation, Manggas, Mantak, Shamanic Rites, Sihrumubin Newsletter. Others also include some articles, scene reports and lyrics of Malaysian black/death songs. The content is just okay, good questions but the band don't know how to answer it right. Well arranged layout except that the fonts is too big sometimes and also include table of content, which you can rarely see in local zine scene. The printing and xerox quality is bad must be improved for the next issue.
c/o Othman Yusof, 10, Tmn Lovelyland, Jln Bt. Kawa, 93250 KUching, Sarawak, Malaysia.