Issue #1 1998

My first zine from Thailand. Printed on thick paper, 64 pages but the weight is twice of the weight of the new Master Of Brutality (#10). Cut and past format, the interview are pasted on gory artwork or picture taken from horror movies. Few porn also inserted in some of the pages to fill up space including a nude picture of Haliza Misbun (Malaysian actress, super-imposed I guess taken from the internet). Interview with Mayhemic Truth, Morbifik, Maniac Butcher, Nifelheim, Rust Sakaraz, Sentensya and few more worldwide death/black band/zine. Interview are in English but the review are in Thai. Their english is much worse than mine (burning church the god..what's that ? or is it burning the church of god ?) but still understandable. I urged everyone to check this zine out or their next issue. Oh hell ! No address written. Where did I put their flyers ..? Okay here it is :
c/o Jerasak C.,  6/404 Solphahonyothin 48, Klongthanon, Bangkhen District, Bangkok City 10220, Thailand.