Issue 1, 2003

Half-size, 72 page, xerox, English-written. When looking sample of the pages of this zine in their website, I was very impressed. Now I have it and this zine met with some of my expectation. The zine will be better if it is pro-printed. For a xerox format, I think they should have made the master copy printed by laser printer. The xerox quality is almost excellent. The layout is good and looks professional. The drawback is you will have to take a while to get use to their style (i.e. logo and quotes from the interview are placed on the center of the page and surrounded by the interview, which is quite confusing). The interviews are separated in several sections; Asian Metal Attack (featuring: Manggas, Bilharzia, Dhemit, Kekal, As Sahar, Negation, Korihor, Rudra, Pyron, Narcotic Greed, The Ravens, Mantak, Arkhaytulmayt, Raspatul, Demonification, War666, Istidraj) Extreme Features (Destinity, Kult Ov Azazel, Emperor, Darkfall) and for newcomers (Crimson Fall, Nosferial, Violator). The questions are interesting and they pick the right band as well which answers them lengthily. There are also news, reviews and some interesting columns; Hellish Reveals (info about bands, and plenty of them), Special Report (a question is asked to some bands. For this debut, the question is 'Can black metal exist without satanic ideolody?'), and In Person (with the editor/webmaster of South East Asia Metal Force, which is the same person who are doing this review…). This zine is packed. There are lots to read in those 72 pages. Hopefully this zine will keep on releasing more issues in the future.
c/o Afidz Che Rosli, P.O.Box 1029, 30820 Ipoh, Perak. Vorn666@lycos.com