Issue #1, 2000

I think I am getting old or something since I can't remember well. I bought this zine in a local metal shop and later found out that I am also one of their contributors. I don't read this so-called 'all-rounder' zine because I don't want to know anything else than metal but this one is an excuse because of the CRYPTIC MALEDICTION interview (the only metal band and the only interesting part of this zine) and the pro-printed cover. And I think the content is also pro-printed but the printing quality is the worse I have seen so far. Some band bios available, as well as gig report, review and articles. They put page number but no table of content, 38-page, A4-size, English written and neat but ordinary MS Word layout. The layout can be improved I guess. And beside interview with band, they also interview some individual discussing some topic. I like this column but the topic they choose is not interesting.
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