Issue #
2, 2000
A new issue after 5 years ! The first issue was one of the year best local zine because on that time there are not many zine using computers. The layout and everything was clean and well-layout. Now this zine is one of many zines nowadays using computerised layout, except Hafiz is a bit creative. 48 A4 pages with 'okay' xerox quality. Interviews are with CALLENISH CIRCLE, GRAND'S BELIAL KEY, MIDNIGHT SUN, STATOVARIUS, NOTHINGFACE, NIGHT IN GALES, AVALON, (adapted interview) HAMMERFALL, INDEPENDENT RECORDS and the interesting interview of this issue are with 2 South East Asia respectable bands, ATHOTORGH (Malaysian thrash metal) and THE MYSTICAL EAST (ambient project from Brunei). The pictures is not well-arranged and looks messy in my eyes and the print (only the picture) is not really clear. I use to have this kind of printing problem using Canon BJC printer. In my humble opinion, the first print must be made using laser printer for an excellent result.
c/o Hafiz, H-54 Lrg Karyawan 5, Tmn Guru, 25150 Kuantan, Pahan, Malaysia.