DATURA (Malaysia)
Issue #4, 1998
Great Malay-written magazine, nice lay-out, clear pro-printed, interesting and in-depth interviews with Tandus, Athotorgh, Vociferation Eternity, Nocturnal Slaves Magazine, Darkness Prevail Compilation, Ultra Hingax Production, Kharabanazak, Net (Malaysia), Bastardised, Demisor, Harvester (Singapore) and Dismember (Sweden) and gig reports.  Cramped in 38 A4 pages.  They have amazed me with their  previous issue with interesting interview (so are these in this issue) and including One Barchiel's article about boycott you-know-who band (no need to mentioned it here). But the last one didn't have a good layout.  There is 1 article here in issue #4, "Sejarah dan Asal-Usul Heavy Metal (Part 1)" and you will not read the second part of it because the editors have joined forces with editors of Metal Terus Zine and produced much better professional magazine.