Issue #2, 2000

The zine is quite thick compare with the content available. If they are not using the ‘ancient’ typewriter, the number of page can be reduced (and means the price can be reduced too). Written in Malay and English, 40 A4 pages, Xeroxed. Type using typewriter, 40 pages, A4 and xeroxed. Interviews with Officium Triste, Atavism, Sermon, Flatulation, Vrykolakas, Morbituary, Demizer, Distrust, Pyron, Nasruhak. Interviews with the local bands are much more interesting than the one with oversea bands. Just a fair issue and need a lot of improvement if they want to distant their self from countless of (crap) zine in the local zine.
c/o Junaidi Juan, Unit A016 (B), Ground Floor, Podium Level Financial Park, 87008 W.P. Labuan.