Clewone (Malaysia) #4, 1999
CLEWONE is in 44 page, A4 size, in English and professionally printed. It's great to know more Malaysian zines/magazine are in pro-printed and I think NORTH POEM have put a lot of effort and money in this last issue of this magazine. The interviews are interesting (with Zubirun, Tandus, Infernal Void, Kremation, Dooms Heat, (Malaysia), Kekal (Indonesia), Sofia Run, Twisted Tower Dire, Cold Mourning, Morbid Angel (USA), Desert Rain (Germany), Necrophobic (Sweden), Bal Sagoth (England), Typhon (Colombia), Moonspell (Portugal) and Hades (Norway)) and the reviews are short though. The editor should separate one interview with another with borders or something that clearly separate it because I find it confusing some time while reading. For example you're reading M.Angel's interviews and suddenly it continues with T.T.Dire's interview. Maybe they are trying to be original but I'm not used reading publication with the font CLEWONE's used in most of the interviews. I also suggest using only one typical layout and arrangement or at least something that looks the same with the rest of the content i.e. number of columns, font types, etc. And lastly, the cover used must have a connection with the content. I didn't find anything on Emperor in this mag.
c/o North Poem Records, Syaiful Khairy Mahadzir, 372 Jalan 1, Taman Permai, 08000 Sg Petani, Malaysia.