Issue 4
Rine (of the band Heretic Angels) are one of the editors of this zine. I got this brand new zine from them. Looks like it was just out from the printing shop but the content is very old, as old as 1994! Pro-printed, b&w, fullsize, 25 page, written in Thai. I don't understand a thing but some of it I do know. The South East-Asia u/g report featured Malaysian bands which all of them was in Intrusion of Dark Journey. That comp was released in 1994/95. Most of the bands and the label are now r.i.p. Clean, nice layout and lots of picture. Not bad but only understandable by Thais.

Issue 9

A4 size, 24 page, pro-printed magazine, Thai written, no table of content. I couldn't differentiate whether it is interview or article but you will find info on Even, Crisis, Helloween, Dark Tranquility, Sepultura, and Dezember (thai). Beside the bands, there are also report/article on Malaysian hardcore scene (with a Carburator Dung picture), Floridian death metal, 15 years Metal Blade Records and some gig reports. They also put the cover of the stuff being reviewed. The printing quality is excellent (of course, it's pro-printed). The drawback is (beside the language) is the layout. I think the questions are too short (and hopefully it is not a boring one). This zine is quite old, probable released in 1997-1998. Thai metalheads can ask for availability. I give the rate based on the layout.

Issue 15, 2002
24 A4 pages, center stapled, xerox, fully Thai written. Neat layout, no page numbers and table of contents. The last time I got this zine it was pro-printed but the size is still the same. Interviews: Flesh Feast (can), Pandemia, Carried The Weight, Dark Oracle Records (Thai label, with covers of all their releases!), Decapitated (phi), Ebwa, Shocked (m'sia), S.O.Divinity, Violation (ger) and Live After Death. Very short reviews and also gig reports (Sodom in Bangkok, Dark Funeral in S'pore and some local gigs). Nothing much you will get from this zine except for pictures of gig, albums reviewed and Dark Oracle releases. This review is only based on the layout.
c/o 125, moo 5 (soi Watson), Suksawat 35, Rajburana, 10140.