Issue #2, 2001
60, A4 pages with bad xerox. Really bad xerox. The content is quite interesting, although it is in Indonesian but I can understand most of the content. The zine features lots of Indonesian bands. The questions are not interesting but I know nothing about the band, so it is okay this time. Interview; Venduzor, Maelstorm, Ahli Kubur, Mystis, Tarancula, Social Sickness, Hellgodz, Corpse Vomit, Santet, Vulgar Death, Nocturnal Orchestra, Criminal Vagina, Vitallysm, Drosophilla, Infection Corpse, Blasphemous plus some bands bio. All these are from Indonesia. The layout can be made better, the font is too large. Uun Yuniar is now working in East Malaysia but I can't give his address here since he moves a lot. If you write him, don't expect a quick reply.
c/o Uun Yuniar, Jln. H.R.A. Rahman, Gg. Harapan #23 Rt. 03/VI Pontianak Barat 78115, Kalbar, Indonesia.