BLEED (Singapore)
Issue #6, 1999

The first professional printed issue of BLEED Zine features many great black/death metal acts such as Impiety (Singapore), In Flames, Dawn, Thy Primordal, Setherial, Non Serviam, Thyrfing, Satariel, Necromicon (Sweden), Pazuzu, Raventhrone (Austria/Canada) Hecate Enthroned (UK), Keep Of Kalessin, Maredit (Norway), Enthroned (Belgium), Crytopsy (Canada), Ancient Ceremony (Germany), Hirilorn (France) and Chapter 7 (USA). Although it is a pro-printed publication but it is not in the very best form I guess. Almost all the pictures are not clear and this is the only thing they should improved for their next issue. For example look at the front cover. It looks nice because the size have been reduced. The original one doesn't look like that. The rest is quite okay for me. I think this is the only zine in Singapore or in S.E.A. featured many live interviews. 2 thumbs up for their effort in upgrading the local S.E.A. metal publication scene.
Bleed Magazine, Seranngoon Central Post Office, P.O. Box 569, S(915503), Singapore.