BLACKHAQ (Malaysia)
Issue #1, 2001

Malaysian scene has move to a direction where most of the band, zine, etc will be named very uniquely, and perhaps has very deep meaning but sometimes it is hard to say and write. Blackhaq is not the good example of this but maybe later you will find some review of them later. They made their zine in A3 folded into 2, which mean the size is A4. It is very comforting reading zine like this instead of A4 paper stapled on the left. Clean, tidy layout but there is a lot of space between the column and on the page border. They wasted a lot of space for that and to make thing worse, they use large size font. Interview with Arkhaytul Mayt, Holydness, Eternal Throne, Nightmare, Azariath, Surrender Of Divinity, Brutal Noise Zine, Mentharas, Sauts Alastor, Sarang Maut, Samartary and Mind Snare. Just ordinary questions about their releases, line-up, etc. Not really interesting especially interview with unknown band. By the way they answering the question, I think some of them not worth the space to be in here. Some band bio, news and review on zine. No page number, no table of content. Well, lot of thing should be done to make the next issue a lot better than this one. I finish reading this 52 pages zine in 1 hour. Guess how many reading material available here? They have 2 editors and I believe they can do more than this next time.
c/o Firdaus Taufeq, 1095, Lorong Panglima, Jalan Tunku Bendahara, 09000 Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia.