Issue #0, 1999

Malay written newsletter with news are mostly taken from flyers and they re-type it. Using only a typewriter but everything is arranged nicely and the xerox quality is also clear. Most news are from Malaysia and some of the news also includes a short review. A special feature on Burning The Flag Distro from Seremban. In the introduction section, the editor said that a newsletter should not have any interview. But I think a few might not hurt, right ? This news has the potential to become a great newsletter if a bit of professionalism added in the next issue (at least use an electronic typewriter) as the editor really puts a lot of effort on it. 20 pages of news and I really mean it. No space wasted like pasting unnecessary flyers just to fill up space. All 20 page are packed withnews ! Amateur but worth supporting.
c/o Mohd Sharifuddin, No. A7-02-09, Jln Maju 1/11, Taman Lembah Maju, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.