ADIKARA (Malaysia)
Issue #1, 2000

40 page in A4 divided into 2 size of publication which regrettably the worse local zine so far. I certainly disagree with the editorial statement "Takkan la baru keluar nak tunjuk gempak kot ?' (means something like the first issue shouldn't be released as a good issue). Bravo guys ! Because of this lousy belief I will never spend my money on you anymore unless you can give a good reason why I should get the next issue. I just wasted my RM 2 although I can ask for a complimentary copy since my gig report being used here. 1/3 of the page are blur or losing tone or something (that's might be the shop fault) and the content is merely bios and news, all are outdated or being featured in numerous local zines. If you really follow the scene, these bio are nothing to them and the bio are about famous local metal act such as Impiety, Zubirun, Mortuary Ancestor, Cryptic Malediction, Mistik, etc. Awful layout with big size font in one column per pages. I don't get it. There are few great local zine and they should study every bit of this zine (RANDOM, PROLOGUE AD NOCTURNE, PUAKA). Furthermore the editor didn't do anyhthing since the stuffs are gathered from flyers, catalog and bands bio and they should put a lot of effort on the layout. If this zine carefully edited and layout, reduced font size (12 for Times New Roman is too big) it will only take in 20 pages only and can sell it cheaper. RM 2 + 50 sen stamp is too expensive for me considering the quality the offer. Oh well... The only good thing is a bio on a band consist of the editors themselves (Polong Laknat and Great Azazel) called MENTHARAS. I never heard of the band's name before infact the only band I know from Melaka. I have witnessed what they did with this zine and I don't have high hope on this band. I didn't scan the front cover of this zine because you can see nothing on it and better save my time and energy doing something else.
c/o Great Azazel, J 7412 Jalan Ru, Taman Maju, 77000 Jasin, Melaka.