Compilation Tape
Weird Truth Productions, 2000

Another compilation by Weird Truth and I can say that they are a bit creative because both of their compilation comes with extra-ordinary cassette sleeve design. As said by Makoto (the label's boss), it is common in noise scene but I rarely see something like it in our scene. As for this compilation, it does not comes with the normal size cassette sleeve, but in a separate glossy paper, which a bit large than the normal CD booklet. All infos (bio & logo) cramped in all 4-page. 11 bands in this compilation and I already familiar with BLOODY GORE (Indonesia, 2 tracks from their demo), APOCALYPTIC RAIDS, SERENADE (Scotland) and BEAST PETRIFY (Singapore, 1 song from their debut CD). Others are GNOME (Japan, black metal, combines old-Bathory-like and with some keyboards and at certain time reminds of Dutch COUNTESS and German DESASTER. The repetitive riffs are great!), MOURNING SHADOW (Japan, Makoto also plays in this band, doom metal, 8 min song like old MY DYING BRIDE), VERACIOUS GANGRENE (France. brutal death), 7TH MOON (Spain. A kind of gothic metal with great music and great female vocal.), NYARLAHOTEP (Japan, another Makoto project and really strange metal and I couldn't get into) and WORSHIP (France. Doom metal, only for those that can stand for 11 min of slow depressive music and certainly not me).