Ultra Hingax Productions, 2000

After releasing one of Malaysian best metal compilation, "Ipoh Metal Militant : Supremacist", UHP come up with another compilation to show that they are still in the business. However this does not feature any new or rare tracks like the previous compilation, but only 3 tracks taken from all the label's releases. Yes, all UHP releases except for ROTTEN CORPSE (Indonesian brutal death) are cult releases ! Unfortunate they are all sold out. It is great to have those releases in CD since they only produced their stuffs in cassette. But this one is not good enough. Only 3 tracks taken from these releases : ATHOTORGH "Promaster Dieyana" EP, HAYAGRIVA "Silverian's Art..." EP, TANDUS "Logam Maut" EP, BAZZAH "Kingdom Of The Dead" LP, CRYPTIC MALEDICTION "Insanity To Berserk" EP and ROTTEN CORPSE LP. They only left out IMPIETY "Funeralight..." EP. Selecting only 3 songs from an EP/LP, leaving out 1 or 2 track so it is a waste of some great song. As I said, all their releases are CULT !!! They should have release somekind of split releases featuring all the EPs and LP. Anyway, it is a wise idea to release this comp. Those who have not listen to any of these bands, should check it right away. Hear how great Malaysian best thrasher, ATHOTORGH, new black metal sensation HAYAGRIVA, raw deathtrash TANDUS, violent black metal BAZZAH and brutal death/grind ROTTEN CORPSE. Another great thing of this compilation is the creative cover design. The front cover display a demon on pentagram, tattoed on a girl's back. Open up the booklet you will see the whole backside of the girl, naked. Displaying such picture should get this CD banned by the authorities. I forgot to mention about dark death metaller CRYPTIC MALEDICTION, the EP have been released as a split CD with local death grinder INDAMNATION with extra tracks. Hear the preview here and then get this split release.