Nebiula Productions, 2000

The label's first progressive rock/metal compilation. This is the first time I listen to whole bunch of progressive metal songs. 'Progressive' is a loose term here. I actually does not know how to define 'progressive'. Gathering 10 bands from worldwide and each present a song taken from their current release. Here the musicians display their ability in playing guitar and effects which are great but not all bands/musician are much to my liking. PROTOTYPE (USA) open the CD with "Trinity", heavy/rock song where the chorus line is quite enjoyable. ANGSTORM (UK), fronted by female singer is a bit depressive compare with the rest. Their music is slow and soothing. CHIAROSCURO (USA) is the vein of new age metal ala Korn which is not my type of music. WOLVERINE (Swe) is more interesting and more 'metal' than the rest. "Whisper On The Wind" is doom-like music, with normal and growling vocals and accoustic guitar. The normal vocals presented in couple of styles. Damn this one great ! Solo artist Michael Lee Ostrander (USA) is a bit weird where he playing and experimenting with the guitar effect and sound. The music sounds weird at times. FROM THY ASHES (Ger) with "Dancing Green Lizard" is quite irritating when they come to the part where they sing on accoustic part of the song. ARJUNA (Ita) reminds me of folk music. "A Silvia" is not a bad song. Slow accoustical music with flute and sing in their native language (I guess so), that makes me think that they are on the wrong CD. THE OUTER DARKNESS (USA) is as weird as Michael. They maybe a music genius but I really have hard time listening to their songs. JESTER'S TEARS (Ger), with its slow rock song ends-up this CD. They sounded like HAMMERFALL (on their slow songs) except for the vocals. The CD comes with 6 page booklet. Include all the info needed about the bands. Too many to be read in only 6 pages.