Compilation Tape

Firstly, I don't understand what Zamani said in his flyers, "The first compilation with lyrics". Are they the first compilation tape included lyrics in the cover sleeve? Wow, a new world record then. It is sad actually because this is the last chapter of this compilation. This is a good sampler of SEAsian new bands as they feature the song from the band release, which mostly are demo. The sound of the songs varies from band to band but the whole sound of this compilation is not good enough but the band worth the attention. Only TRAUMA (Indonesian death) and CRUSADE (Indonesian vampiric black) feature the song from their album. NETHEREALM (Singapore one-man black metal) put a new (and unreleased I guess) song. The rest are Malaysian DARK SENDON, ZUBIRUN, PYRON, INTERFERHON, NEFARIOUS AZARAK, DREADED, NARRATOR, TANTRUM, MORTUARY ANCESTOR, PENANGGAL'S, SUNDEL BOLONG and Indonesia MORBIFIK and KOMA. Some of the bad are pretty average for me and you can find the review of them elsewhere or in the previous issues. This tape is a fine example of how mostly Malaysian new band sounds like. Tape are pro-done with glossy black and white cover.
Zamani Othman, 227 Jln Imam Isa, Ketari, 38700 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia.