Compilation CDr
Davao Death, 2003

They promise to send the cover but I still haven't received it until the time of doing this review. I can only tell you about the bands; HUMAN MASTICATION (grind/death), FUNEBRAL (fast black metal), FATAL DESASTER (good death/grind, the sound is better than the rest), AL IBLIS (featuring "Al Nakbah" taken from "Hasmadat Goyem"), DYSENTERY (brutal death), ARMOR PIERCING (death/hardcore), LORD CHAIPAS (doom/stoner rock). Except for FATAL DESASTER, the sound for other songs is quite bad. As for the interesting bands; check out FUNEBRAL, FATAL DESASTER and especially LORD CHAIPAS. I did discover more good bands beside AL IBLIS and now you know so I suggest you get the band's release.