Compilation Tape
Extreme Souls Production, 2000

I think this is the best ESP product which have a great cover design and great sound. Very professional. A question pop out from my mind, how do you define true black metal ? This comp features 19 bands which are mostly the melodic kind. Only few band that play chaotic, insane style of black metal which I regard as 'true black metal', without keys and sweet melody. This is 'true', am I right ? Or may the words 'true' here shows that this compilation gathered black metal of all kind. This tape features interesting songs. The band selection is just fine. Foreign acts are CRYOGENIC, AUTUMN VERSES, GORBALROG (ger), VAAKERANDRING (nor), BEHEMOTH (pol), IMPIETY (sin) and MOONSORROW (fin). I don't want to discuss further about this bands, you should know more than me I guess. The interesting part of this tape is about the local Indonesian bands. Most have change a bit of its style, adding a bit of melodic riffs. CRUSADE, MAELSTORM, HELLGODS, UNSEEN DARKNESS, PERISH, BORGOMIL, NEUROTIC OF GODS and KEKAL. They are different from what I have heard before. On the other hand, SANTHET, ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUSt (the name suits the music very well !), MORTALITY and MYSTICAL deliver the chaotic type of black metal. Check out our Indonesian brothers. All are worth supporting ! The tape is pro done. The cover is in full color and includes the band photo, logo, address that are neatly arranged.