Sonic Wave, 1998
I think Malaysian bands have an edge over bands from Singapore in terms of sound quality and song structure. This CD consists of 5 bands from Singapore with 2 tracks each and only Rudra stands out in Sound Quality and song structure, proper audible parts and defined music. Their song Aatma (meaning Soul in Hindi) is an awesome track which starts off with a tabla (Indian classical percussion instrument) and guitar as intro. Rudra has its roots in India no wonder their songs always revolve around Gods and Godesses (India has truckloads of them!), leaving that aside they are very good musicians and composers. Amongst the other 4 bands, I really could not differentiate between them as they all sound  the same (Thrash/Death). Nothing great about this compilation besides Rudra. So if you've already heard Rudra this is not for you, if you havent heard Rudra yet go out and buy an Album of theirs not this Compilation.
(p/s editor~ This compilation is quite old, released somewhere in 1998/99 and I think it is sold out except for the tape version)