Compilation CD
Magnum Music, 2001
A fine compilation of Taiwanese bands, maybe not all but mostly I guess hailing from Taiwan. This is the first release that I got from Magnum Music and I am very impressed with the quality they presented in both the music and also the packaging (thick and great looking booklet!). Most of the writing in the CD is in Chinese but there's English translation for the band and track title. The CD starts with SERAPHIM (the Taiwanese band that I have been waiting to hear all the years since the creation of Steel Madness. Melodic black/power metal). Next DRAGON GLORY with its catchy power metal (the vocal can be improved though) and then continued by BLUE MOON (another speed power metal. Killer music, great vocals!). Y2K then changes the mood with its 9 minutes rock ballad (some good guitars can be heard but not my type). ANUBIS shocks me with the old Metallica-sounding intro before continuing in the melodic black/thrash metal style. I am back in my mood now and MORPHEUS (Blind Guardian?) continues to please me. Again, heavy/power metal but with much better vocals than Blue Moon. BLACK FORCE plays thrash metal (just okay musically. The vocalist can sing in both harsh and high pitch power-metal like vocals). SHO N' TELL is a duo Caucasian band (thrash metal with harsh industrial -like vocals but sounds like a one-man band with drum machine although using a real human drum). The CD spins for almost 50 minutes and ends with CILIA (soothing gothic metal/rock with female voice). The bands here are quite amusing with great guitar works, except for a few which is not the type of music I like but that is a small reason for you to not get a copy of this CD.