Compilation CD
Nebiula Production, 2000

A compilation CD to celebrate Nebiula 6 years, 6 month and 6 days in underground metal scene. What's so special about this release, as it was released to celebrate such glorious moment? I couldn't find any strong reasons for that. I think to celebrate such special 'event', this CD somehow must possess a bit of specialty. The price is still the standard CD price, the same tank used in BAZZAH "Death Is All I See" booklet being used again here and from 16 bands featured here, 9 of them have released something under the label and their song is taken from their respective releases and the other 7 are from oversea. What does a fan like me that have all SIL KHANNAZ, VOCIFERATION ETERNITY, HELOISA, LANGSUYR, ARADIA, HAIL, AS SAHAR, MESMERIZED and BAZZAH release get from this CD? Maybe for the long running time of this CD, which almost runs 80 min so that's a bit value to my money? I am lucky I didn't bought anything from ABHORRENCE, CARNAL GRIEF, IN MEMORIUM, ETHEREAL SPAWN, XENOMORPH, AMBIVALENCE and NE PLUS ULTRA. So I only get to hear 7 new songs. For me, this release supposed to feature a track each from all their releases and include info, picture, etc. This is the way to celebrate 6 years, 6 month and 6 days because the time like this only comes once.