Compilation CD
A compilation featuring 4 bands from Bangalore, India. I think the name of this compilation taken from the word headbanging and Bangalore. So I expect some kind of headbanging metal feast, something violent, fast death/thrash/black metal but I guess I am expecting too much. Not that I am disappointed but I am expecting something better than this. For sure the sound can be improved. The bands can’t be categorized in one style. In one song they play this style and then play something else. Or maybe they are covering songs and put 1 their original song? KRYPTOS starts the CD with a rock/heavy metal song with clear vocal and some screeching black metal vocal with a nice solo but overall this track sucks. The other 2 tracks are much better, heavy/thrash with that screeching vocal. PHALLUSY plays thrash, death, heavy and sometimes melodic (Are they sharing the same vocalist with Kryptos? I heard the same screeching vocals). MINDSNARE plays fast heavy and thrash/black metal. THRENODY, thrash metal, covers Zep’s “Paint It Black” and plays 2 of their own (long) songs. Every band contributes 3 songs except for MINDSNARE, which only play 2. The ‘best’ tracks here are from THRENODY (except for that cover song), KRYPTOS (minus the crappy “Forsaken”), “Demented” (PHALLUSY) and “Unreality” (MINDSNARE). A good compilation for you who haven’t discovered Bangalore metal scene but this will be better if its include DYING EMBRACE. Where the hell are they?